Modern Japanese Ceramics Pottery Contemporary
By Appointment is best. You might get lucky just popping by, but a great deal of the month I am out visiting artists or scouring up new items, so days in the gallery are limited.
In accordance with the request of local authorities our gallery in Kyoto will be closed from April 1st until further notice.
Iconic Tamaoki Yasuo Shino Tsubo Vase
Stunning Kato Shigetaka Black Chawan Tea Bowl
Miyashita Zenji Deisai Pottery Vase
Sale Pending
Contemporary Female Artist Takatsu Mio Swirling Dish
Contemporary Standing Spiral Sculpture by Takatsu Mio
Contemporary Raku Sculpted Sphere by Hashimoto Tomonari
Richard Milgrim Tokkuri and Guinomi Sake Set
Inayoshi Osamu Sake Set, Tokkuri & Guinomi
Maruta Munehiko Karatsu Sake Set, Tokkuri & Guinomi
Koinuma Michio Large Contemporary Ceramic Container
Large Celadon Winged-Vase by Fukami Sueharu
Contemporary Ceramic Icon Yanagihara Mutsuo Vase
Kaneta Masanao Hagi Hakuyu Hachi Basin
Fukami Sueharu Seihakuji Blue Flower Cylinder
10 Contemporary Japanese Porcelain Sake Cups Takegoshi Jun
Bizen O-Dokkuri by Yukuyoshi Manabu
Bizen Yohen Hanaire by Yukuyoshi Manabu
WOW! Bizen Yohen Tsubo by Yukuyoshi Manabu