Modern Japanese Ceramics Pottery Contemporary
By Appointment is best. You might get lucky just popping by, but a great deal of the month I am out visiting artists or scouring up new items, so days in the gallery are limited.
In accordance with the request of local authorities our gallery in Kyoto will be closed from April 1st until further notice.
Tomimoto Kenkichi Aka-e Yunomi Koro w/ Silver & Gold lid
LNT Shimaoka Tatsuzo Zogan Kogo Incense Container
Kawai Kanjiro Gosu Circular Pottery Container
Kawai Kanjiro Seiji and Doro-e Plate
Elegant LNT Kaneshige Toyo Bizen Vase
Sale Pending
LNT Kaneshige Toyo Bizen Yahazuguchi Mizusashi
Sale Pending
Superb Morino Taimei Koro Censer w/ Silver Lid
Sale Pending
Contemproary Morino Taimei Number Box Vase
Sale Pending
Morino Taimei Gourd Shaped Cloud Vase
Early Sodeisha Legend Yagi Kazuo Vase
On Request
LNT Suzuki Osamu (Kura) Shino Vase
Hamada Shoji and Shimizu Hian Poem Dish
Bubble Chawan Bowl by Yatsugi Miho
Fukami Sueharu 3-Ribbed Porcelain Bowl
Sale Pending
Yamada Yoshiaki Contemporary Kutani Lantern Flower Vase
Koie Ryoji & Alex Terma Pottery Vase
Elegant Koie Ryoji Chawan Tea Bowl
Koie Ryoji Masterpiece Hakeme Chawan Tea Bowl