Modern Japanese Ceramics Pottery Contemporary
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Takatsu Mio Giant Contemporary swirling Sculpture
Tsujimura Shiro Natural Ash Glazed Bowl
Pottery Sculpture by Tanaka Tomomi
Takatsu Mio Swirling Vase
Takatsu Mio Contemporary Conch Shaped Swirling Vessel
Hori Ichiro Contemporary Shino Ceramic Box
Kitaoji Rosanjin Shino Dish Set
Living National Treasure Kato Takuo Tiger Okimono
Takatsu Mio Contemporary Swirling Ceramic Sculpture
Aso Rando Contemporary Japanese Clay Sculpture, Catfish
Osako Mikio Tokoname Ash-glazed Hachi Bowl
Amazing Okumura Hiromi Silver Glazed Wall Vase
Yuragi, Contemporary Pottery Bowl by Fujihira Yasushi
Nagaoka Chiyo Contemporary Vessel
Kumakura Junkichi Mid Century Ceramic Vase
Terada Etsuko Twisted Vase
Important Early Exhibited Work, Morino Taimei, 1959
Yamada Hikaru Sodeisha Era Vase