Modern Japanese Ceramics Pottery Contemporary
By Appointment is best. You might get lucky just popping by, but a great deal of the month I am out visiting artists or scouring up new items, so days in the gallery are limited.
In accordance with the request of local authorities our gallery in Kyoto will be closed from April 1st until further notice.
Legendary Yagi Kazuo Modern Japanese Ceramic Vase
Exquisite Lacquered Cut Glass Liquor Cup by Arai Etsuko
Contemporary Lacquered Glass Sake Set by Arai Etsuko
A Konko-yu sake set, by Richard Milgrim
Ohii Toshiro (Chozaemon X) Dog Ceramic Sculpture
WOW! Volcanic Chawan Tea Bowl by Inayoshi Osamu
Fabulous Platinum glazed Cup by Inayoshi Osamu
Perfection! Incredible Porcelain vase by Hayama Yuki
Contemporary Kato Hirotaka 4 pc. Dish Set
Kato Tsubusa Elongated Hakuji Hanaire Vase
Contemporary Emerald Bowl by Kato Tsubusa
Kato Tsubusa Abstract Celadon Porcelain Sculpture
Living National Treasure Yamamoto Toshu Bizen Mizusashi
Living National Treasure Yamamoto Toshu Bizen Yohen Chawan
Itaya Narumi Silver Glazed Sake Chawan Tea Bowl
Important Artist Nagae Shigekazu Porcelain Vase
Female Porcelain Artist Tamura Seito Cherry Blossom Vase
Inayoshi Osamu Kinsai Kurinuki Mizusashi