Modern Japanese Ceramics Pottery Contemporary
By Appointment is best. You might get lucky just popping by, but a great deal of the month I am out visiting artists or scouring up new items, so days in the gallery are limited.
Large Seihakuji Celadon Platter by Fukami Sueharu
Fukami Sueharu Seihakuji Celadon Vase
Kitamura Junko Large Hakusen Bowl
Sale Pending
Brocade Series Ceramic box by Tsuboi Asuka
Important Work by Kondo Takahiro, Dimension Box
Important Time and Space Vase by Kondo Takahiro, Published
On Request
Contemporary Hanging Scroll by Takeda Kunisa, GLOBE Hikari 445
Yuragi, Contemporary Pottery Bowl by Fujihira Yasushi
Karatsu Pottery Vase by Nakagawa Jinenbo
Karatsu Pottery Vase by Nakagawa Jinenbo
Oribe Vase by important artist Koie Ryoji
Furui Akiko Contemporary Ceramic Sculpture
Post-war Giant Fujihira Shin Ceramic Suiteki Water Dropper
Atrashi Kanji Contemporary Iga Toban Platter
Clifton Karhu Zodiac Tokkuri, Every Day is a Good Day
Atarashi Kanji Contemporary Swirling Iga Vase
Banura Shiro Kohaku Plum Blossom Platter
Lucy Rie Chawan Tea Bowl from Japanese Collection